Berth Allocation 2023

Berths have been allocated to Petersville Regatta participants, please view the allocation listing and the marina map below to locate your berth. Please note, boats coming in on the 26 December for Cock of the Bay may have a different berth location for the Petersville Regatta.

Please note that demand for berths in the marina over peak season prevents changing from your allocated berth.

Marina & Clubhouse Access

Each boat has been allocated 6 x Regatta/Visitor Cards – these will give your crew access to:

  • The marina, 24 hours a day
  • Showers and toilets located in the Junior Lounge (ground floor of the main Clubhouse building), 7 am – 11 pm
  • Showers and toilets located on the first floor in the building behind Scott’s Shed, 24 hours a day

Please ensure that you return your Regatta/Visitor Cards before you depart. You can either drop them into the silver letter boxes near the marina gates, or leave them at Reception. Failure to return your cards will result in a $50 non-return fee per card.


  • 27 December, Check-out time for all boats (other than Petersville Regatta entrants) is 10.00 am
  • 31 December, Check-out time for all Petersville Regatta entrants is 10.00 am (unless you have pre-booked a berth for AFTER the regatta

It is imperative that you check out on time please, so the berth is vacant for visitor boats arriving that day.

Free Berthing

Free berthing will be provided for all entrants on a first come first served basis (subject to boat size) for the duration of the Regatta.
Arrivals will be accepted from 1000 hours on 27th December (or earlier if an entrant in the Cock of the Bay Regatta).  Please arrange to depart the Marina by 1000 hours on 31st December unless you plan to book and stay longer (you are most welcome but you must book this through the office Рsee below).

During the Regatta, boats will be allocated a single berth, a shared berth, or a rafting location subject to:

  • Order of entry (including payment), and;
  • Boat beam, length and draft.

Unfortunately, single occupancy free berthing cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on the final mix of entrants.

Other Options

Guaranteed single occupancy berths may be available in privately owned berths at an extra cost.

Contact our Marina Team at BYS Office on (03) 5925 9600 or via email [email protected].