27 – 30 December 2024

Photo credit: Russell Bates Photography

Save the Date!

The Petersville Regatta runs 27 – 30 December each year. We loved having such a competitive and fun fleet this past December and hope to see everyone back next year. Mark the dates on your calendar!

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron (BYS) is excited again host the Petersville Regatta for 2023. Historically, the Petersville Regatta attracted keelboat owners from surrounding yacht clubs and was held from 1981 – 1990 before the race was combined with Geelong Week. Successful boats who featured in the historical race include Shambles and Dry Reach skippered by R.Hick and subsequently G.Matthews, both of whom were the most successful boat competitors during the history of the event.

The Petersville Regatta is fondly remembered as a spectacular event’ and the ‘social highlight’ of the season. We welcome all keelboat skippers and crews to participate in bringing back a terrific tradition.

The following excerpt is taken from “The Miracle at Scotts’ Shed” book by Edgar French published in 1983.

‘’Over the 1980s and 1990s the Petersville Regatta (sponsored by Sleigh/Golden Fleece, and later Nissan) was a spectacular event on the water and the social highlight of the BYS year. The regatta, held over a week, with five races, was a highlight of the Port Phillip racing season. The final two races were a passage race from Melbourne to Blairgowrie and the final race starting at Portsea and finishing at Blairgowrie.

The start at Portsea was a grand event, and the social activities at Blairgowrie were memorable occasions. BYS catered for up to 650 dinners in the evening after the regatta in the early years.

BYS continued its excellent association with the regatta until 1995, when it was the Nissan Regatta.’’

‘There is no doubt that the day at Blairgowrie has become a very special annual event for a great number of keelboat and trailable sailors from other clubs, and the way in which BYS sailors are received in those clubs certainly has something to do with their enjoyable experiences at Blairgowrie’

– Commodore Frank Paine, 1992